first_img Is Nuclear Peace with North Korea Possible? Pence Cartoon: “KOR-US Karaoke” Tracking the “unidentified yellow substance” being dried out near the Yongbyon Nuclear Center Analysis & Opinion Analysis & Opinion In light of a recent speech delivered bySouth Korean President Park Geun Hye, signaling a transition to a hard-linepolicy and Seoul’s willingness to work toward a regime change in North Korea,experts have pointed out this new approach must also be carried out alongsidestrategies to transform the mindset of North Korean people. As proven in the most recent fourth nucleartest, the international community failed in producing any substantial resultsdespite international sanctions and a policy of isolation against the Northafter the first three rounds of nuclear tests. Now, there are calls to use theNorth Korean public as the key force for regime change along with existingpressure against the leadership. A number of North Korea experts agreewhat’s most crucial in this strategy for regime change will be devisingdifferent policies for the North Korean leadership and its people. They saySeoul must cut off the funds that are propping up the Kim Jong Un regime andrespond aggressively to provocations but step up efforts to get informationfrom the outside world into the North to help educate the public. Another point they emphasize is that theSouth Korean government should work to win over the hearts of North Koreanswhile they push for a regime change. By planting the seeds of solidarity, theybelieve some form of change can be expected from within even at the smallestlevel. “We’ve confirmed once again that as long asthe Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, and Kim Jong Un Suryong [Supreme Leader] systemexists, nothing in regards to its nuclear program, reforms, human rights, andunification can be expected to be resolved,” a state-run institute researcher,who asked not to be named, told Daily NK. “This is why it’s now absolutelynecessary to pursue a policy that can lead to a Kim Jong Un regime change.” “On the most basic level, it’s undeniable that the government willneed to deter military provocations by the North and be vigilant in sealing offall elements that may be misused to strengthen the Kim Jong Un regime, butunless there are natural changes from within, it will not lead to regimechange” the researcher said. “This is why we need to push forward with freeinformation, opening up the country, and promoting a market economy so that wecan change the mindset of everyone ranging from those within the Workers’ Partyand the Korean People’s Army to the public. We need to completely isolate theKim family from the rest of the 24 million North Koreans.” The researcher added that although somehave referred to the shift in policy as “the end to the Trust-Building Processon the Korean Peninsula,” what’s changing is actually the “target oftrust-building.” “To begin with, it was impossible to think the South and NorthKorean governments would trust each other. Since they’ve now belatedly realizedthis, they need to draw up a ‘New Trust-Building Process on the KoreanPeninsula’ with the goal of bridging the South’s 50 million and the North’s 24million people.” Senior Researcher Son Gi Woong from KoreaInstitute for National Unification explained, “Germany’s unification was notbecause the West pushed for a policy of absorption. It was possible becausepeople in East Germany had access to information from the outside world, andtheir thoughts changed, and that led them to choose West Germany and itsliberal democracy.” Had the West pushed for unification throughabsorption, Son said, it would not have been welcomed neither by the people ofEast Germany nor its surrounding countries.   “Just because the South Korean governmenthas shut down Kaesong Industrial Complex and declared strong measures againstthe North, this should not be interpreted as a message that it will build awall against it,” he noted. “We must cut off all routes of capital inflows intothe North that can be used for the production of weapons of mass destructionbut step up operations to give the North Korean people eyes and ears to theoutside world.”  AvatarDaily NKQuestions or comments about this article? Contact us at [email protected] ‘Trustpolitik’ should be not with Kim Jong Un, but the North Korean peoplecenter_img Facebook Twitter SHARE RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR By Daily NK – 2016.02.19 1:04pm Analysis & Opinion Analysis & Opinion last_img read more