2, the new site is the first choice for

1, Links –

stability is of overriding importance!

for Links, actually a lot of people is very important, before I Links for this piece of contact is not much, but for Links or pay great attention, especially pay attention to the quality of Links. A lot of friends love for the link in the QQ group inside, this is really a good way, but for the quality of the Links may be not so good grasp, because the inside of the site too much, sometimes would only need to take a few minutes to it, but we spent half an hour to choose, this is not good. Today I am here to introduce his own little experience, hope to help everyone.

In fact,

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. For the website chain before I have said a lot, this time is mainly some knowledge to clean up the system for the website construction of the chain, finishing their own experience, to the experience to share with everyone, we hope to help. I introduce three aspects "done easily site outside the chain of high quality: a" blog "done easily site outside the chain of high quality two: BBS signature" "done easily site outside the chain of high quality: three Q & a platform for everyone today", fourth aspects: link of friendship.

A snapshot of !The weight of the new site is not new snapshot

for the site of the Links, no matter how we exchange, is actually the most need to pay attention to the quality of a chain, we do not know the high quality for the Links is how to locate, perhaps some webmaster friends said PR is high, some owners pay more attention to the site quickly according to the new, some owners will consider the site how many included, there is also a part of the webmaster can only for defects, ask the site rank well, of course or some other factors, here I have to talk about some of the views I:

Links is most important for stability, stability overrides everything, I always think of the website Links best is a stable link, because some Adsense is very realistic, meet our website problems they would be cruel to our links, nor a notice, such as our website is a lot of damage. So sometimes some old Adsense than the new Adsense to do good, because there are stable resources hand. Love is a fat man in the blog’s words, "first, because sometimes friendship link between friends will not be too much to expect your website to be excellent, so the stability is guaranteed, so sometimes that we do in Shanghai dragon fight is the resources can not be overemphasized.

directly determines the site, so change the link first look at the snapshot, if can meet other conditions is also good. Some people see Links see is a snapshot, but some of the snapshot but not carefully, because sometimes the station took the time to update only a new snapshot, but his update is not.