mall website, website localization is to produce online sales for the purpose, hope is high quality target flow can be transformed, and the quantity is not so important.

Localization of ! This paper from the original

today, two years, although the author from the network failed to earn a pot of gold, but this paper is written through the failure of many webmaster experience. A lot of people eager to make money from the Internet, but forgot to give your site location. But I do not know how to set up site for the next step, don’t just do optimization, ranking

for information websites or other to display advertising revenue, the positioning of the site is as much as possible to increase the number of page access. Movie website and fiction website is also in advertising profits, as much as possible to increase website traffic, the value of advertising are increasing as the fee is high because the downtown facade downtown high traffic, the price increase.

sites, affect the strategy.

?How to realize the

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that is the site location, is your goal, you want to browse the website is what users do on the site! You want to let your visitors to do the specific things you is the goal of the website.

is every webmaster Wangzhuan dream, to achieve zero input from the network, high income desire. But you can achieve is few. How to realize the Wangzhuan, how to achieve the purpose of making money from the Internet? This is what we need to consider the issue.

Wangzhuan? Started before the set up their own website / website positioning target is the priority among priorities, I hope this paper can give the most confused Adsense a little inspiration.

If the

every webmaster has its own large and small sites, there are some reading nets, the movie network, and even have a gray industry mall station. So how to realize multi station Wangzhuan