these articles, if you just take a little out of research and analysis, it is not the case, a frequently used, the choice of keywords, this should appear on the site planning often, often with a pen; if an article can carefully write key word selection, determined by what method of keywords, through their own search, through tools to determine, or through other opponents of the title, are small and not very wise remark of an experienced person, said, after I missed a keyword, it is necessary to determine the structure of the website, also has program space, OH, NO, if you really want to write the Shanghai dragon you will write the website each item of Shanghai Longfeng analysis index, which is realistic, and is now the most scarce online.

of Shanghai Longfeng paper big and empty and a fine, enter the Internet industry a long time, but now the more I think the forum every day is full of general knowledge of Shanghai dragon, either this or that, even we are looking tired of ordinary members, not to mention what is responsible for the editor of the A5 audit, so, this article will write about Shanghai Longfeng, expressing their feelings.

above, in fact, I really want to know, in the A5 forum is the number of articles you will see, at least the title I at a glance is not to look down the impulse, so vague and the content is empty, big, big to speak generally, remember in the past, when reading other blogs can also be accepted, but now they can not accept, in others the blog to see this article is also a skip, boring, what Shanghai dragon ten elements, five major causes of Shanghai Longfeng down right, Shanghai Longfeng improve weight 6 aspects and so on, too many things, looking at let a person too much pressure, in this regard, sometimes I quite sympathize with the A5 editor.

: the first ten reasons Shanghai Longfeng down right? Several ways to restore the weights of Shanghai dragon


second: high quality one-way links into

read many posts of high quality import links and how good ah, how to improve the weight of their own website ah, here is not for example, too many shows only, do not explain the specific methods of post, talk about the specific methods of learning Shanghai dragon will have better help, for example say the most simple new sites, no links, will find their own, I feel what is new no big deal, do their own content every day, and then built about 10 blog to find articles and publish website with and only one of their main page links, it is OK, I believe will soon be included new sites, especially there is no network of new sites, you have to do is to work hard, after a little achievement (referring to almost included, generally not included station friendship chain It’s very difficult to pick) can go to exchange links, links to new sites for a day not more than 3>