keyword strategy is the key to the effectiveness of search engine marketing, because different keywords and keyword combinations with different customer groups, most websites have a particular user groups, how to make the target user group by keyword to find your website, your search is a fundamental goal of marketing lies.

is engaged in network marketing for many years, not open around the search engine, whether the customer acquisition accuracy, and wide coverage of the target customer groups, the search engine to achieve the ultimate, better than portals, industry site, SNS, and client software. The search engine is like a trigger, directly with the user needs and behavior in interaction, and become an indispensable tool for customers rely on the accurate grasp of user needs, the search engine marketing (SEM) has become an important part of network marketing. When it comes to this keyword as natural flowing to us.


I take a lingerie website (China brand underwear Network 贵族宝贝neiyi68贵族宝贝) as a case analysis, through the web site name, we can understand that this is a brand underwear website, website operation goal is to make the underwear brands to do brand promotion, in addition to the agents to join the website or lingerie brand agent. Here we can conclude that the site’s target customers can be divided into two categories, one is a kind of brand, the franchisee, keyword strategy will be around the two types of customers. The goal is to find the coverage of these two kinds of customer search habits of keywords, by sea or drainage to fall in love with Google web site.

now we analyze further keywords, find out a key word, don’t guess you all know: underwear! Brands want to promote the brand, want to go to business, so they search is to find the potential demand of such a platform, help them to realize their ideas. Therefore, the "underwear", "brand underwear", "underwear joining" keyword will cover part of the brand, similarly, the franchisee, they can find the potential search needs is to join the brand, to help them finish agent. Therefore, the "underwear brand", "China Merchants underwear", "

keyword "lingerie" marketing effect


in general, in the construction site at the beginning, when to site positioning will delimit a specific group of users, all in the framework of the website for the user services, pre content construction is that the latter part of the marketing too, especially the key strategy, through the choice of keywords and optimization of key words the optimization of the key is introduced in this paper through the case of an immense number of books, to introduce if the correct use of the keyword strategy, the maximum coverage of your site’s target customers, target customers Everfount drainage from search engines to your site, so as to realize the continuous improvement of traffic and revenue.