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simple promotion time: burn into song

as the summer of 2011, China Internet business also in hot sea: Although the group purchase websites in the spring and summer of the small and medium-sized enterprise closures began in the party but cruel Xipan, enterprise website and individuals to open a new shop group purchase business but soon filled the space left by the former; on the other hand, though the U.S. market overall attitude had reversed, can Chinese network enterprises get together the United States listed the process did not slow down, even after IPO row in 2013.

in the past thirty years of global economic prosperity and long period, all media, high frequency, the production of sophisticated advertising was once the only proper course to take to promote business. But, as the financial tsunami that advertising has shrunk dramatically, and gradually expand the field of Internet application, simple, efficient and accurate became the new trend of enterprise products and services, and promote the image of the.

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coincidentally, Liu Qiangdong is not optimistic about the "burn promotion mode: the Jingdong adhere to the mall to make the user experience through the spread of word-of-mouth advertising always control in less than 1% of revenue, but now emerging e-commerce often tried 1 years to go the path of Jingdong over the past 5 years, the measures taken is the crazy money. It makes me feel very afraid, from the global retail industry, are never supported."

network model changes: Shanghai dragon will reform

"in online advertising is the most developed in the United States as an example, ten years ago, the enterprise is in the form of online advertising banners, links and mail, search engine advertising media accounted for less than 20%, and by 2010, including search engine optimization (Shanghai Longfeng), this type of advertising is accounted for to 44.8%, become the largest single category of Internet advertising. This means that the search engine as an advertising medium has the best price for more and more people know." Shanghai Longfeng information communication network optimization technology division Peng Xiaodong commented.

to present many Chinese network enterprises, "burn pull user" is a popular marketing mode. "Some companies such as I know, a quarter of the operating expenses is $4 million 600 thousand, while net revenue was $900 thousand. CEO also boasted to increase investment strength doubled. This approach also can withstand large enterprises, but small and medium-sized enterprises can Kangzhu? "Asked Peng Xiaodong.

, however, for the industry, "chill gradually" has quietly become the recent hot topic of private exchanges. Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong said, because many companies operating costs already exceed sales, so by the end of this year, the first half of next year, e-commerce will come in winter. This earlier than previously predicted more than a year. "I believe that many people have already felt cold now. Of course, this is not cold shivering, not his death. I believe there will be a lot of die next year." Liu Qiangdong said.