5, submitted to the accurate classification: it is easy to be forgotten, and even a lot of people think that as long as the good, the administrator will be with you for the catalog. If you think so, then you can.


are summed up their experience in actual combat, hope to help everyone in Shanghai has been the promotion of sex. Today is how to improve the success rate of the Shanghai library to love

2, the number of articles: Although the love of Shanghai library did not limit the number of articles, but personally think that the words roughly control between 3-8 pages, so that the passing rate is relatively high. Because I have time to write some original articles, want to promote library. Each commit hint: there is the quality problem. But in fact this was adopted by many large portals, absolute and independent quality. Then I just added some contents are easily passed. So we published an article, we must control the number of words.

Shanghai has been very popular love their products, so in Shanghai love search results, love the products of Shanghai has been ranked the very front! Have to focus on the Internet or often use love to search friends home to Shanghai, love Shanghai love Shanghai product search results figure already used to see the empty wells. Such as: Shanghai, Shanghai Encyclopedia of love love, love, love Post Bar know Shanghai Shanghai library… A series of love Shanghai products.

Although Shanghai has repeatedly denied !


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file upload format: 4, usually by the probability from large to small is as follows: PDF format > WORD format PPT format; > > TXT.

because I love Shanghai to favor their own products, force us to study love products in Shanghai, and how to use love the product of Shanghai network promotion? Became every Internet practitioners compulsory courses.

love without the operating position and improve the love Shanghai product weight, but the truth… You know

1, the title of the article: I believe we have had this experience, first submit an article in Shanghai library, no matter what you do, there is no way through. Of course, it has a certain relationship with your account level. But in addition, the biggest reason is probably your title. We all hope that through the love of Shanghai library to promote their products, so naturally with the nature of advertising naturally or half unconsciously in the title of the article, but this is the most taboo. There is a basic nature of advertisement article, it was hard to fall in love with the sea through the. I usually practice is a "educational" title. "How to write" soft "killer how fast enhance micro-blog’s forwarding rate"…

3, this paper try to do illustration: I did a little test, the same article, one is not illustrated, another article in the corresponding place to the 2 illustrations. The results did not submit illustrated several times not to pass, and put an illustration through. This method is tested.