then from the point above, it can be seen that my own view, everyone thinks that the old domain name, the domain name of good old ah, but I never think so, the old domain of a good ah, the old domain has more weight, but the old domain correlation, remember in Admin5 see an the test of new domain name and old domain which is better, the author draws the map with the truth of reality is a new domain name than the old domain name ranking good, but finally turned out to be the old domain than the new domain name ranking is not good, ashamed ah, everyone was like the old domain misunderstanding, think the old domain name you can save a lot.

some time ago wrote a talk about two points of the most important planning in the construction site before, feel is good writing, so let’s say talk about two points, I hope not too boring, in fact about site planning before there is much to be done, there are many need to understand, so today say that we should pay attention to this part.

furthermore, space is a must, then link it, actually see these links, to see what each link you can control it, so these links planning is necessary, he said, the most important link in the relationship, I can see a direct link, some control part one is the correlation, the two is what is the relationship between the weight of the anchor text, in fact I have a website from last year to now, has been observed at the beginning of the use of the forum to promote, in a part of the personal website links, but there is no anchor text attribute of the ALT image, then alt= "view personal website", and then spent some time in the nobility baby administrator tools to see these, even the word correlations in site second, can not be said, The alt attribute correlation of the image, if more, is really great, has a direct impact on some judgment, also can see the love of Shanghai "view personal website, add your website name (you can see the method is applicable to add to this kind of friends), you can see if there is no error caused by some the correlation, this on the soso will be more obvious, the former website keyword soso ranked second, after the website, again, found that the previous keyword and rankings, now second pages to stay.

points, please understand that the server space really big impact on the site, do not arbitrarily selected for the site a slow speed space space, complain every day suck, love Shanghai site is down right countless examples, this is the lesson ah, space is the site of the influence factors, the factors should be avoided, don’t become your site progress resistance, will do more space, can reflect a kind of heart, and not just a garbage station, collecting content free, links at random, just want to put a little bit of advertising to make advertising, advertising is a must do good. No, the first step of two minds, treat the space is. Awesome space is king.

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