1, "the blog is down right" is my first reaction, so in the beginning when I have a look at why right down, I do some speculation of the following:

keyword density problem is since the last site was K after the event has been concerned, today because site is not in the first phenomenon, I also checked the "Shanghai dragon" with the density of webmaster tools, density changes, the change of the random article with a web page, because this is not controllable sometimes, then a group of the title of the article will be included in Shanghai dragon, sometimes not so much, so sometimes "Shanghai dragon" may be the keyword density exceeds 8%, so there may be love Shanghai spider to exceed 8% pages on the site, then take down the right treatment.

site is not in the home does not mean

of course, these are speculation, sometimes groundless speculation is the most terrible, will let themselves go from a dead end in a dead end, and then has been trapped inside, we need strong factual basis. So I went on the Internet to find some friends about this issue.

B, the words "Shanghai dragon" has high density



this morning, site Beijing Shanghai dragon blog website home page actually found in the first place, ranking also fell, not previously encountered such a situation, my first reaction is to blog was down the right, of course, this is also a lot of stationmaster now for the website site view. For example, love Shanghai site home is not the first love Shanghai, domain is not the first home page, which is considered a manifestation of the right to be reduced, but what is it like? Here my personal journey:

A, December 9, 2011.

recently added Links strength not so big before, because it is now the number of Links almost, but also pay more attention to the quality of friendship and, two days before the big brother Jiang Pingzhong and knight stationmaster net exchange blog link, his blog is 4, then check your own blog, found that there are still a lot of friends of the chain blog a relatively high weight of the chain, is not a short time with too much so high weight of the chain, the site too much, love Shanghai were investigated on the site.

C, Links problem

online friends are generally not much influence to replace the website server IP, but also suggest that the time to replace the server stop before the IP, due to the change of IP is all mandatory, middle stopped for about ten hours, perhaps this to search engine spiders crawling the web page has influence create the right down, only then in today’s performance.

A, the space server replaced IP

drop right? I see the