love Shanghai Webmaster Platform said that the future will be more for the first time in Webmaster Platform posted on the official web search algorithm and dynamic update, hope more webmaster to join Webmaster Platform, through search engine tools and interaction, cooperation and Webmaster Platform get more permissions. (finishing / triumphantly)

recently, love Shanghai update algorithm for the chain, re emphasized the importance of the user experience, began to focus on the influence of the chain hit some of the user experience of cheating. Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform to optimize the chain launched a series of new webmaster tools, help to improve the user experience, Shanghai dragon behavior specification. In the salon, love Shanghai web search senior manager Hu Rong introduced sitemap, chain delete, chain analysis, keywords, URL, query, index optimization recommendations grab abnormal Webmaster Platform tool. The tool between the website and search engine data analysis more intuitive, convenient, etc. To obtain a special website search show, reduce invalid user access, analysis of Web site to get the number of websites recommendation, users love search sites through what keywords. Based on the analysis of the web search engine friendliness, crawls through the anomaly, security detection and the feedback, to establish good communication with the search engine, get better ranking.

station network (admin5贵族宝贝) news: November 6th Shanghai Webmaster Platform held love love Shanghai share in the salon, salon, love Shanghai web search senior manager Hu Rong in addition to the introduction of love relationship between Shanghai and Shanghai ranked the sharing of love. Also introduces some tools Webmaster Platform recently launched, and these tools can help owners to bring what.