we have seen such a situation, the same is two articles about the same article, but the views have obvious differences, which is whether the quality of content, or propaganda force is enough, this all cannot do without the content of your charm, yes it is.

For the optimization of


is not enough hits more than you, have no time to do these things, so some friends will be obsessed with the pursuit of a large number of promotional content and ignore the charm, but Jane Shanghai Longfeng think, if the content is too much garbage, then promotion again but sometimes also will get the opposite the effect of.

but the optimization of the time, at least have a clue, to understand the user’s concerns, there are doubts so there is demand and direction, then the article also by born however, this kind of method is needless to say, because they do not have to tell you that.


High quality Whether it is useful to The promotion of But what is the high quality of quality. >

articles in each column line below should have 5 to 10 or so, there are certain correlation between all articles.

2. content

line on the site to make enough content filling, or in a line after the articles are not, then by modifying the add, then the sandbox come to your home.

but some friends ask.

The charm of


2. line

content such as solving a demand, writing style, the charm of the text and so on.

such that a few points, their writing skills between four short three grinding can quickly grasp the burning heart, this kind of technique without much difficulty, but the content or article seems to be on a different level has become a pain point, so it is common to the market. This kind of thing that seems not difficult, but hidden huge obstacles. Jane Shanghai Longfeng simple description is for reference only.

as long as the content to help users, users can click, will see, will stay longer, that all this is in origin because users find it useful, but it also falls to the user, so useful to do.

for the quality of this invisible art, probably very few people can say clearly, what is the high quality, to play routines, or strength to fight, or to the real origin of starting from the user out of the content, in this aspect most friends are not lost in the.

, we are still not sure about. At least we know, you know. The following two points for reference only.

The number of