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we see he knew the layout of the page, the site itself is the theme of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon tutorial self-study at home, he made eleven parts of Shanghai Longfeng self-study foundation to the network marketing advanced step by step.

love "love Shanghai" white paper "search engine quality, we can see, just say," will affect the quality of "in the search engine rankings show and, after all, is the user experience problems. The whole page is beautiful and generous, giving users the visual enjoyment. A web page layout of user browsing later plays a very important role. Users only look comfortable, will have to click Browse may. I will give two examples to discuss.


1, here for example, the first statement is not advertising, "wind" system website you can see in the first row of the small, looked really user experience is very good, clear content, layout, structure and. Want to find a system, want to learn to do the tutorial system, pure version, version of the wind resources are not very clear, out of order. The user can go very easy to find what he wants. Although the page is not much, but from the user’s perspective is good. Love Shanghai does not recognise this

what is the user experience, is your web site in response to the needs of users to optimize, in line with the principle of service for visitors, improve the site function, operation, vision and other elements of the site, to get the favour of visitors, to obtain user access, and promote the conversion rate of flow. Then, the concrete should be how to do, here a few personal views:

love Shanghai Weizexi events affecting the deepest impression, is very broad, whether it is paid or promotion of Shanghai dragon, feel more and more difficult to do, and exchange many peers or discuss the topic in Shanghai Longfeng platform topic, many Shanghai dragon ER are feeling especially novice to do Shanghai dragon has no what way out. In fact, on this issue, colleagues often discuss, I want to share some of my personal opinion, people feel useless please ignore. Personally think that the Shanghai dragon can not only to Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon, but to pay more attention to the user experience this. At this stage on the website user experience and score ranking ranked a great chance.



In May 2016


2, a common Shanghai dragon self-learning network content arrangement and structure layout, we can see that this website is not strange in the industry sector, we get to see the station when the contents of that actually inside the basic things are plagiarism, even some did not leave the address and reproduced information, but why can be so the site on the front page.