site from many aspects to consider, such as: PR value, the size of the site, standing outside the chain of quality, the snapshot update frequency and overall site keywords ranking.

The weight of

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, 4 station connection to Shanghai dragon’s role is what

you need how long

7, how do you see the weight of a web site

5, a snapshot of the new site weight will be high?

site structure, conducive to spider crawling, also can give the link to the page as the "Keywords" weight to the anchor text, is conducive to the improvement of the inside pages of keywords ranking.

?The station outside the station optimization and make a reasonable

guidance team, strategy and observation must keep pace with the times, the correlation station outside of the chain must grasp in place (which is also commonly exist in medical industry, problems) website needs stable development, must improve the quality of web site. Plus the team cooperation and thinking, common progress.

2, make site visits to improve the

is the weight of the various considerations, is not necessarily a snapshot of the new site has high weight, a new simple snapshot update frequency and reflects the quality of the web site of the chain on the one hand, can, but the weight is considered not to be too one-sided.

1, I want you to take a stand of the keywords ranking row to the first page, you can do what

certainly, often mention is the wrong idea. At present, Shanghai dragon market exists in white hat and black hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, if the comprehensive observation and analysis, using the white hat Shanghai dragon, from PR, the higher the website ranking, but if the black hat Shanghai dragon, such as PR hijacking and other means, this is cheating, it is easy to be severely the punishment.

6, PR high rankings certainly?


8, make a website from a new station to visit 5000ip

considered, according to the staff and the decision, taking into account the new factors, should be equipped with Web Editor 2, the Commissioner of the chain 2, of course, the latter will according to the actual situation, there are subtle changes. Within a year of stable I>

What is the best way to

understand the search engine search behavior and user behavior, namely by observing the search engine ranking mechanism to provide effective access, efficiency, and through some relevant data (love Shanghai index, long tail keywords), to understand the user’s search behavior.

3, how do you get a higher than your PR site link for friendship with you

is induced to facilitate follow-up to let him know the potential of our website, and if the auxiliary station, can use the auxiliary station single link, master Links, and can establish a good relationship and conversation, do the feelings sale.