BBS marketing process, when the user request, you must first of the requirements analysis and choice forum to develop a feasible solution, let the customer to confirm your plan, customers say OK, then you can make your implementation team data collection, monitoring, release the user’s request soft speculation, of course it must provide each cycle corresponding to the final report, data analysis, data analysis come from? From the user information and feedback to. Let us know where do not do, there can be improved, after the improvement to make adjustments, the long-term interaction allows BBS users to form your user group.

how to through the promotion of the website to reach our final goal today? Learn to experience this BBS marketing share with you. How to do BBS marketing hype scheme? You must customize the working plan. In accordance with the requirements of customers customized, determine your target group are those? (where the target group refers to the forum). The weekly post submission number, and the total number of the forum below me, summed up some experience:

is now a lot of website products. So how do they like your site products sell well? Sell better? Do the selection of products BBS marketing share with everyone, with Charlotte before sharing a website optimization tutorial: why the website will be K? Charlotte was to introduce how to use BBS marketing to bring more customers, more traffic to your website. Website promotion is our aim, so we are marketing interests.

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BBS:BBS is a communication platform. Each user can release the above information or views, let everyone communicate. What is the BBS marketing, it is the simple use of the forum, through text, pictures, video, and public opinion to guide the user to enhance the target customer communication is the ultimate effect; marketing forum.

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can according to the users of the product demand, unified release to do product information in various forums, when you provide the manuscript, you can not be directly copied to the forum, but through your thinking to be perfect for the modification of the manuscript. You modified well in various forums to release, after the release of you want to check for the content, data collection etc.. Provide the final report to your customers. That you do effectively. Through the discussion forum by user to let him take the initiative to discuss, but also lead users to discuss the thinking and direction. Our purpose is to let them in the target groups to initiate this discussion to better convey the products you want to promote the role of

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