we every day in the rankings and tangled, is the beginning of the September benchmark optimization for web pages, but the quality is still very critical. High quality website to content points, in order to search for a single user keyword targeted content to love Shanghai home.

is home to rich in content, comprehensive content, when competition is relatively small, the content of home value will be higher than the inside pages, this let the home get priority in the ranking. When the content of flood, when some heat word spread, home because there is no specific and lost the initiative, called into this by the. The user specific to certain words is stronger, the content for the more advantages, this page content will host, will be integrated to suppress the remaining home, successful participation in the search engine ranking.


it seems that this is not meant as long as the page content to do can get good rankings? The answer is No.

we know what factors affect website ranking, the content is a part of them. The inside pages now participate in the rankings of main content to be specific, love Shanghai preferred. However, we also need to know whether it is love Shanghai preference, root knot not in love but depends on whether to address the needs of Shanghai. Keywords for home page, small and fine, can meet user needs this single, since the user experience is far better than the home page, this is the main reason to love Shanghai website page preference.

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most of the time we do website promotion is the first home, the first is because it is the weight page of the website; second is a comprehensive website page, do not have to content the combination of treatment was penalized. But we will have a lot of content accumulation in the home is the result of changes in the content, make the page bloated and no more heart. On the contrary, the inside pages of the site are generally targeted relatively strong, based on the theme of the website, specifically to solve a problem of users. This is equivalent to the current society pay more attention to the professional personnel.

every time the algorithm update will bring some floating to the website ranking, the author Dennis this is an ordinary things, but the recent update cycle, some have been ranking good site instant ashes to ashes. But if you look carefully, those websites are mostly involved in catch up from behind within the page ranking. This allows us the new algorithm started September love Shanghai trend, whether its focus to optimize the inside pages? Some of the web page is an opportunity in the webmaster around the first 4 pages for

love Shanghai algorithm are updated every day, every big updates are a series of small algorithm combined the results of change. Before we study the love Shanghai algorithm, in order to enhance the website ranking position, and now when we search some key words, do not know whether you found in the probability of more than the home page. This is not that, in September began to love Shanghai prefer website page

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