10, please contact often with classmates, friends, and colleagues in communication, to call home to say hello, if there are conditions, will accompany parents to dinner or a


9, please make sure that your website is the industry of a, and ask myself in this industry to special "proficient", try to make yourself outstanding in this industry, to the "product manager" by Qi

Please try to

6, please try to core keywords around the site to expand the long tail keywords, and then around the long tail keywords to write the original article, after the original articles were included, will be released to these articles and their related web content platform up, and make links to your original articles.

11, please take time to do some regular activities, such as playing basketball, playing football, or to sing KTV, set >

4, please don’t make a lot of links to a web site behavior.

3, please do not join the search engine can be identified but the user can not see the hidden text in a web page, both use the same background color text, ultra small font, text hidden layer, or the abuse of image ALT method.

In !

, the last month of 2011, when I look back, or sour or sweet or bitter or spicy! Think of our small station, the day is desperate for more high quality website content, the evening to some high weight of the chain and burn the midnight oil. In this way, the cycle of doing their own station, the purpose is to develop as soon as possible. Therefore, we forget the tired, we have been in a hurry "road"! Is the webmaster friends, work hard! In the end of this year, we prepared 12 Shanghai dragon small experience, as at the end of a small gift for fighting the webmaster friends, I wish all the webmaster friends at the end of

5, please do not on the same site to search engine and user access to different content pages (including the use of redirection behavior).


1, please don’t in any position in the web page source code, add a keyword not associated with web content.

8, please check the website to develop a good habit of Links, if found Links and your site is cheating or punished, to contact each other, kindly request each other to remove the chain, and as far as possible to help each other. Learn empathy

7, with their website content and for the high weight website chain. To the high weight of the site to send the chain description words more, typesetting better, so it looks comfortable, don’t leave only a few words and links to leave, the content as the original, is not original at least pseudo original.

2, any one position please don’t web page source code, do a lot of repeat some of the key words, even if the related web content keywords, don’t repeat.