more than four, is a method to solve the domain in some of the first reason and the small. Here to tell you if domain is not in the first place, so don’t panic. First of all, the website home page into several multi page web site, or increase.

fourth: the station chain or incorrect connection

some time ago, due to the replacement of the product and the snapshot not update, I changed the title. Before listening, if not new snapshot updates, no words, can try to modify the title, here to remind you be cautious, according to their own situation. Can not be said to modify the title can not let me have a snapshot update, modify title snapshot update example, but on the one hand, we should take it seriously, a good domain will not give you in the first place, and is the site is down right.


website is still the biggest path problem, even more than 404, or 301, but the website cannot avoid is to be included to obtain. Many stations are not updating the site after revision, or domain in the first place, this problem is very troublesome. Website, if is the enterprise stand, not many pages, so I suggest keeping the original page, then the revision will also included an increase in the. If is the mall or big website, then look at the weight of your own content and quality. A change after connecting link with high quality, the effect will be better. Better than in the domain black list.


: the first website frequently for space.

second: modify site title.

domain in the first place, the webmaster has been a headache, because as long as domain: the website is not in the first place, almost ranking will decline, may appear small drop right owners say. So how to solve this problem, first of all, we need to find out why you domain not in the first reason.


station chain is solved, so many online tools, automatic detection, the best is a station to modify, death is the most a problem affecting the spider crawling.

we all know, a stable space is the most basic ranking factors, so if the frequent change of space, will inevitably be right down, then there will be no domain in the first place. May the webmaster for space many are bitter words, do not want to change. Here to recommend a method that space is not a problem, then the replacement within debugging space, time difference of no more than half a day, and after the change, submit website again, the way to do A5 strong and soft, love Shanghai related products. Also check the spider log, if after the change of space spider so come, that things are fine, if not, then you have the cup, no ground for blame was put into the blacklist.