second, Shanghai dragon industry uneven in quality

Shanghai, as an emerging industry, is currently in the disordered development period. Recently, the state also began to focus on Shanghai Longfeng industry, and planning the introduction of the healthy development of the corresponding national standard industry. The Shanghai dragon like a raging fire engineer certification exam held in 2011 all over the country. All the signs indicate that the Shanghai dragon industry also let these future bright spring days, Shanghai dragon practitioners see the dawn. Although the situation is excellent, but I know most of them are Shanghai Longfeng counterparts provide Shanghai Longfeng services for enterprises and customers in a variety of small network studio, or in some small companies with just to fill his stomach pay hard work. Large enterprises can truly be hired, highly paid is less and less. This is exactly why? At this point, I carefully analyzed the present situation of this industry in Shanghai dragon.

first, is the lack of knowledge of the enterprise of Shanghai dragon

in the development of high-speed Internet era, a variety of information and free tutorials online everywhere, including Shanghai Longfeng knowledge. Even if a fully understand Shanghai dragon people, in the webmaster type website bubble for a week, but also on the Shanghai Dragon said the rhythmical. But unlike the Shanghai dragon in the machine shop operation, shop workers completed only a few minutes to a few days work, Shanghai dragon is a long process, generally a keyword is required for one to three months. So this has caused most of the Shanghai dragon Er is only a theory without practice. Shanghai dragon theory is very important, but light theory without practice, say more are empty. The boss and the business understanding of Shanghai dragon is not deep, also decided to choose the dilemma in talent. They prefer to use low salary to develop Shanghai dragon new, is not willing to pay the hire "unknown Shanghai dragon master".

do Shanghai dragon is not easy to find high stable work, so there is a large part of Shanghai dragon.

third, Shanghai dragon industry competition caused the Shanghai dragon eat the bitter fruit of

why? We all know that Shanghai dragon is a part of electronic commerce and network marketing. The development of the Internet and China have a long history, although the search engine such as love Shanghai in China have a huge user base, but most people use search engines to but are looking for information on the Internet, electronic commerce has not really can spread to all enterprises in the old board thought. Especially in this area in the second tier city I, although in the talent market can see many companies in the recruitment of e-commerce specialist, network promotion and other positions, but as far as I know, there is a large part of the business are just contact the electronic commerce, are holding the attitude to try to enter the Internet market. This is an indirect result in insufficient understanding of Shanghai dragon, it is impossible to set up their own high-tech flower Shanghai dragon team.