content including correlation, correlation between the chain. My blog is Shanghai dragon, then I will take Shanghai dragon as the core to write the content, outside chain will try to Shanghai dragon website, you can see my chain, the chain of ninety percent are from a high correlation between the sites, such as blogs, forums and other webmaster counterparts.

The correlation between

we all know the chain can not be too single to diversification, >

I want to do every Shanghai dragon are hoping that your keywords can be ranked first, especially the kind of difficult words, I also, I used to admire the kind of competition is very fierce in the first word, such as the Shanghai dragon, the promotion of network station long words, for instance I had to do when the keywords of Guangzhou Shanghai dragon, I also admire the website, because as the capital city of Guangzhou Province, one of the five major domestic Internet, natural network is developed, which is the main reason I chose to the development of Guangzhou. I also started the Guangzhou Shanghai dragon tour, also joined the many Guangzhou Shanghai dragon ER competition.

3, the chain has a skill.

2, adhere to the original

maybe when you spread "in Shanghai Dragon King Original chain for the emperor" you will be crazy to do outside the chain to hear, crazy for original content, so I urge. Although Guangzhou Shanghai dragon the word is not difficult, but they are all peers in the first few pages, basically is Shanghai dragon blog, and many have done more than a year or even longer, which for me is a freshly baked Shanghai dragon novice, the pressure is not small. Perhaps the reason is luck or many peers are slack that I found in my efforts for nearly a month less than I actually do love Guangzhou Shanghai dragon first Shanghai, although he did not find the word do the first brought me much interest, but a lot of people have asked the Shanghai dragon how do I do first, I dare not say how much Shanghai Dragon (in fact I was a rookie, Shanghai dragon) but I want to say to do as long as the serious intentions, you can also do the first.


this sentence is here to argue a commonplace talk of an old scholar, once, because of my personal independence blog, and the blog is the essence of record, share and exchange, while the original content is the main way to promote interaction, my personal independence blog first written article also mentioned that this blog is to do better learning and practice in the establishment of Shanghai dragon I is on its own, leak filled, and is one of the original to Shanghai dragon weapon, which can improve their original writing ability, but also to come to your blog an attitude, a kind of responsibility.

I would simply tidy my chain of skills, is also share exchange and Shanghai dragon friends, this is not a tutorial is not only a new theory, personal experience, for reference only.

1, strictly abide by the principle of relevance.