, however, because the function of search engine is selling information, it is the natural search results and advertising must strictly distinguish, otherwise the love Shanghai is a vegetable market, full of business information. Most users use search engines are very simple, is to know the answer, not to buy things or do business. When a search for a "Chu orange", most people search intention is "what is the Chu orange", "Chu orange story" and so on, rather than buy or wholesale Chu orange.

small business Shanghai dragon will eventually have to return, like most Taobao guest website, to attract the spider search through the content, through the search engine to attract visitors to ordinary visitors to the consumer. The media is the content, they can only get recognized by the search engine. This path is not changed, but the method is varied, summed up.

therefore, the electricity supplier website is not how to be seen in the search engine, the probability of appearing in search results will make a discount. The Taobao super business platform, in 2008 has completely disappeared in the love of Shanghai’s search results (except home page). In fact, this love Shanghai rather than a loss, purification, because it makes the love Shanghai stench fades, search information more real.

website is full of stench, want to do a popular word ranking is a certain degree of difficulty. At present, the electricity supplier website of Shanghai Longfeng effect is mainly reflected in two aspects: brand words and long tail word. Brand communication brand word mainly through other channels, enhance the brand word index, traffic will grow naturally. The long tail word is mainly through the product details page and the content page to load consulting.

buyers want to buy things, to love Shanghai as the entrance is very slim, unless it is a very special commodity, several major electricity supplier platform ate most of the consumers. The electricity supplier website to attract consumers through the traditional search engine, especially the small and medium-sized business, advertising budget, or to return to the Shanghai dragon.

from the profit model, the love of Shanghai is an advertising company, but from its function, it is the advertising of hate. It is a search engine, it is for people to use, because you can get the answer you want from, it is essentially a content platform, if it cannot be sorted out the content quality satisfactory, advertisements, people will give up the use of it.

at present, love love Shanghai sea is a dominant situation, at present Chinese every internet field almost all of the existence of such a phenomenon, a powerful boss, almost ate the whole cake in the field, under a two odds and ends of a meal to leave a second and a little younger brother. In the search field, love Shanghai is the boss, because most people use it, the flow is very big, it can do whatever they want to rent it for others to sell advertising sites.