Keywords price bidding

to obtain soil data, we can calculate each turn >

noble baby

3, the number of web pages related to

if the condition allows, search engine optimization tools, AdWords can log nobility baby love Shanghai bid ranking system, see the respective keywords bidding price. Bidding price is higher, the more competitive keywords.

with a variety of sources, are not directly related to a lot of the time and the theme of the site, such as the Shanghai dragon theme website, noble baby AdWords keyword tool may provide relevant keywords such as "Shanghai dragon tutorial". These are not directly related keywords and site theme related, so get rid of priority.


search engine optimization objective is to attract potential customers to visit, and how many people search keywords is a very important competition index. The search engine optimization, should try to choose the number of search keywords.

this number generally reflect the number of web pages related to this keyword, is also ranked in the competition of "the number of keywords.

normally, relevant web pages more, the higher the degree of competition.

key in the lexicon, according to the number of search factors such as bias, the theme of the site, the degree of competition is not the same, the following Q pig to introduce how to calculate key thesaurus keywords competition degree.

2, obtained by the number of search keywords

were evaluated using the key keywords thesaurus tool, recording each roughly by the number of search keywords, for later use.

bidding price is a very valuable reference data, because people are willing to spend money to do the bidding, often through cost accounting, a detailed market survey, their cost will directly reflect the keywords heat. Keywords competition degree

removed each are not directly related to the key words, lexicon reduced, following the start of each assessment by the number of search keywords.


in the search engine, when the search for a keyword, the results page will return "to find relevant web pages about × × × × × ×" tips, such as in Shanghai in search of middle school students love will show "love Shanghai for you to find relevant results about 1130000".


to evaluate a keyword search number, you can query the love index in Shanghai. Can also be evaluated using the AdWords keyword tool:

1, and remove the theme of the site are not directly related to the keyword