of things on the surface of the logical view, now further look at these two projects. In general, the hook has a referral pattern, this is why you can see the hang of the post because of publicity everywhere. If you do, then you can say it is for the Wangzhuan hand. Look at the hundreds of projects to earn hundreds of dollars, may be your hands are left tasteless, but how much may earn some money, or you simply can not operate do not rule out what can really earn.

In the process of

here is to talk about my Wangzhuan thinking and understanding, and novice share, may you really earn considerable money through the network! First to be sure: the network can really make money. The network is nowhere to make money, in the eyes of a master can not be excessive. It depends on your ability.

is sensitive user’s ability is also rising, the traditional media can not meet the needs of users, so here to remind you still maintain the original working attitude, the original marketing strategy, or business development model of the original

Is the development strategy of

here, I want to say is, small individuals, large enterprises, take personally: in the process of enterprise work are constantly with the needs of users, the work is for the enterprise to solve the needs of enterprises; and meet the needs of users: a group of people called retail, meet a the type of demand called stores, meet one or more of the needs of all people called enterprise, to meet all the needs of all call platform; this to meet user needs in the process to experience; after 2014, any one industry, enterprises have towards the demand, development experience, or you will be social and elimination.

we take the most common onhook earn points Wangzhuan way, in many forums and other places, we can easily see the hang of the publicity, publicity: "don’t look at this website, not propaganda, not easy to post pull flow, make money without time limit, the computer will open as long as the money is not feel the money is very seductive, super simple. This usually hang up every few minutes to click, or enter the verification code, but the day when I first time no more than 5 pieces of wangzhuan. Of course, I do not have to try all, do not rule out dozens of days earned. I feel very painstaking. Look at the others earn hundreds of projects, we think, such a good way to make money he does not earn Ganma to sell to others? Really, I think it is true and false, why do you say, that day to earn a few hundred projects do not exist, is not practical, but the network is any change, like food, it is a shelf-life, this is one of the. Second, like shop, selling the same goods, some of the shop opened very prosperous, some of the shop did not open a few days went bankrupt, the reasons are: the geographical position may not hardware, may not do publicity, may not be able to catch specific consumer psychology soft caused by so many reasons.

now there are many entrepreneurs, one up to say what I want to do, what kind of, how big platform, I want to subvert this industry, I’m the next Tencent, the next Alibaba. But in the development process of a platform for enterprises now, you will find that in fact is not the beginning of a platform, but to consider the needs of people, some people in life, should be what kind of way to meet their needs, to solve their problems, let oneself become experts in this field, as the authority in this field. This field become the best company.

platform industry giants is ready to invest, investment, acquisition of the acquisition; talk very much platform strategy: apple is also shlf1314 platform strategy, platform strategy, Alibaba is a Tencent’s platform strategy, platform strategy and so on, countless giants are the strategic mode of

the wake up!

Apple recently in what you know? shlf1314 recently in what do you know? Do you know what the Alibaba recently? Tencent recently in what do you know? In a word, they are constantly repeated to solve all the needs of all

and then you slowly development, you find that customers demand more and more, more and more customers to use your product, to solve some problems in their lives through your product or service, this time when your body is not big enough to go slowly to the platform model rely on, but in the process you rely on has not changed is for you to understand and satisfy the needs of users, your pursuit of the ultimate experience for the user, so as to make the process of becoming a platform after the end of the truly become a platform for enterprises.

More than platform!

novice, you must understand the idea of Wangzhuan! Master, don’t waste your time reading this article to make money. Presumably the novice in many forums to see too many hook methods Wangzhuan earn points, but also a lot of people should see a lot: "earned 300 XX project", it seems very easy to make money is very simple, but you really try that kind of people you hang up a day to earn 1 pieces or 3 pieces to buy that? On the project you earn several hundred earn much? Many novice confused, unable to start, do not know who said that is true.


really want to enter the Wangzhuan ranks, you do not want the project, technology. For example: a few years ago hanging easily earn nearly 1000, now as multiple constraints, many projects have been unable to do so; for example: shlf1314, of course, is cheating, with the continuous improvement of cheating technology, basically every month has nearly 10000.