station link, every day he can to bring the organizers how much of the chain, these benefits are far beyond the value of twenty thousand or thirty thousand. We can imagine, the final outcome is so few sites, so the rest of these sites, the organizers to do a free promotion, and the free promotion, not only brings many high quality one-way chain, with >

why the business circle of Shanghai Longfeng contest, we can simply think of. New sites to promote it. General full-time promotion personnel three months salary fifteen thousand not too much. And the organizers of the first business to name up to ten thousand of the reward, it is simply a big deal. Think, there are so many people to the promotion of the station, the station outside the chain of the number of

domestic Shanghai Longfeng contest has a certain history, from 2004 to 2010, the commercial nature of each session of Shanghai Longfeng contest is not very high, but most of them brought great benefits to the participants, especially the first Shanghai dragon competition, a lot of people to attend the first session of the contest as the honor, because that the game is the real dragon in Shanghai for the purpose of the selection of key combination is completely meaningless. Now you say you to attend the business circle of Shanghai Longfeng contest you? I do not think a few people dare to say.

TM this really is too good, so I want to bargain, if successful, since the size of the network company will copy the pattern, how would that be an embarrassing scene? Don’t think of this first prize have more generous, don’t be confused by this ten thousand yuan reward this is behind the naked, not even bargain. Twenty thousand or thirty thousand, driven by hundreds or even thousands of sites for the station link, this is how brilliant means ah.


is a common network company, the average for the network popularization personnel salary is more than five thousand per month, three months, fifteen thousand. This is just a promotion personnel salary, so a few chain extension personnel? We can imagine, three months down, forty thousand or fifty thousand of the monthly manpower budget is uncertain, but it is only the labor cost. And look at the contest a total reward, at best twenty thousand or thirty thousand, what are the benefits? That is increasing every day a lot of chain and IP.


1, twenty thousand or thirty thousand reward budget, for a lot of the chain and IP.

back again, what are we behind the contest shady:

I also learned that there was such a game: the business circle of Shanghai Longfeng contest. First we don’t talk about other, talk about the strength of this website hosting. The so-called business circle, is actually a new set of B2B industry website, strength is also but then dozen small team. The strength of small Never mind, but the organizers of the website is also often a server failure, such as the strength of hosting party? This is not the only matter who. We discuss the other slowly again.