first_imgRound over, after waiting for all the groups to come in, it was results recorded and into transport for the trip back to BJ’s where it was a late results show.  With so many groups and the distance to the course it was no surprise we were a bit late, still better late than never.There is no reason I can see but every week one of the flight’s plays a blinder and the other plays much less well.  The previous week the A Flight had been miles better than the B Flight, this week it was just the opposite.  In the A Flight the winner was Henry Wong with 33 points while in second was Bob Watson, who was surprised to be second with 32.  We then had a count back on 31 points that saw Colm Mullen in third, Richard Kubicki in fourth and Gerd Riedlar just missing out.The B Flight was won by Mick O’Brien with 37 points ahead of Tom McDowell in second with 35.  Dave Cooper was third with 34 points and in fourth came Barry Elphick with 33.Near Pins: Henry Wong (2), Mike O’Brien (2), Tom McDowell, Frank PilkingtonLong Putt: Gerd Riedlar, Dick Warberg, Don Carmody, Derek BrookFriday, Feb. 20, Pleasant Valley – StablefordOn Friday the Tropical Golf Group gathered at BJ’s Holiday Lodge in preparation for the trek out to Pleasant Valley.  It had been quite a while since we had played this course so some were trying to remember the course layout while others were wondering what the conditions would be like after the nearby PSC Monthly was rained out the day before.Landis Brooks (left) with Takeshi Hakozaki.Pleasant Valley is one of the shorter courses, but tight fairways and numerous water hazards, including many forced tee carries, make the course challenging.  Nerves of steel on the tee can make or break a round, and rumor has it the drink stops were doing a brisk business selling used golf balls, with many soon returning to the hazards from whence they came.  If that didn’t make the course challenging enough, the on and off again rain on the back nine bested all but the most determined golfers.  Still, the rain finally stopped for good and the scores trickled in.When the counting was done one golfer stood head, shoulders, and an extension ladder above the rest.  Landis Brooks (9) posted an incredible 43 points – a full eight strokes ahead of the nearest competition.  On a tough course, under tough conditions, Landis shot 74 off the stick.  Take a bow!Further down, the mere mortals had a three-way count back, all at 35 points.  When all the tie-breaking was done it was Takeshi Hakozaki (13) over Mike O’Brien (22), followed by Graham Buckingham (22).Near Pins: Tom Herrington, Landis Brooks, Graham Buckingham, Paul WeatherleyLong Putts:  Landis Brooks, Graham Buckingham PSC Golf from Tropical Golf GroupTuesday, Feb. 17, Greenwood B & C – StablefordWe had a few extra players today, so with a bit of reorganization we headed off to Greenwood.  After a quick change we got to the first tee and were told we were playing the B & C Nines, not a bad nine but starting on C1 is always a bit tricky.  On this day the normal, strong wing was around so life was always going to be a bit difficult. The course was as is normal at Greenwood, a bit rural but better in some respects for it.  The fairways are a bit up and down condition wise, but well playable, and the rough is as one would expect here.  Now the greens are not bad and were fine to putt on, so on a windy day we had a great round.Mick O’Brien (left) and Henry Wong (right) with one of B.J. Holiday Lodge’s finest.last_img