first_imgSince you’re reading my blog, you probably believe that we as nonprofit professionals need to know marketing – no matter how small, how underbudgeted, or how overworked we may be.We need more people like you.Why? Because we cannot afford not to do marketing. You cannot move people without it. As worthy as our causes may be, simply telling people that what we do matters is not an outreach strategy. We need people who understand this throughout all levels of organizations, from executive directors to communications departments to fundraising staff. Strong marketing and communications help us shift from a preaching to a persuasion perspective, making everything we do work better. As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, my good friend and esteemed marketing guru Kivi Leroux Miller has written a book – The Nonprofit Marketing Guide – for nonprofits with small staff and meager resources, which describes most of us, and it shows us all how to do more with less. Through working smarter and communicating better, we can have great impact without deep pockets. You can read my interview with Kivi here.Kivi will be sharing her wisdom – and answering questions – on a Network for Good Nonprofit 911 webinar on June 29th. Tune in to hear her address:• Why it’s OK to roll your eyes when your board says they want to “get our name out there” – but just not in front of them. She’ll tell you what to say instead.• How to get people who think marketing is slimy/a waste of time/fluff to think you walk on water!• How to cut your communications to-do list in half in less than 10 minutes.• How to write yourself a permission slip to stop doing the stuff that’s driving you crazy.We’ll also be giving away copies of Kivi’s book to a few lucky call participants, so register now!last_img